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Information Required for Children's Accident Compensation

Children's accident compensation claims are not so different to those of adult claims when it comes to proving that an accident occurred due to the fault of someone else and injuries were sustained because of their negligence.

The complexity of the law can be challenging, even with children's accidents. Nevertheless it is possible to win compensation in cases where it seems difficult to attribute blame to anyone. For this reason it is imperative to seek expert legal advice to determine whether or not your child can recover compensation.


Don't worry if you don't have all the information

The Children's Accident Helpline will require for the following information from you in order to evaluate the possibility of making a children's accident compensation claim and to assist you in your decision to make a claim:

• The date and time of the accident
• Details of where it occurred
• The names and addresses of any witnesses to the accident
• If your child was involved in a road traffic accident, the name and address of the driver responsible for the accident and the name of the police station where the accident was reported
• If the accident occurred at a school, park, playground or leisure centre, the name and address of the local authority responsible for the location, together with the name of anyone supervising your child at the time of the accident
• If the accident was caused by an animal, the type of animal, together with details of the name and address of the owner and whether the animal was under anyone's control at the time of the accident

Don't worry if you are unable to obtain all of this information since we will be able to help you by making further enquiries on your behalf.


We take the stress out of Children's Accident Compensation Claims

We completely understand that claiming accident compensation for your child, at a time when he or she has just been injured, will be the last thing on your mind. However, do try to pursue the claim as quickly as you can so that events can be clarified and evidence can be maintained and preserved.

From the moment you contact us and a decision is made to pursue a children's accident compensation claim we will handle the entire process on a no win-no fee basis*, keeping you informed of progress throughout the case so that you can devote your time to caring for your child.

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*Other costs could be payable.

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