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Frequently Asked Questions

Why claim with Childrens Accident Helpline?

We at Children's Accident Helpline have a specialist panel of solicitors who deal with child injury case.  Our panel members understand when your child have suffered with an injury, they are compassionate and are available to provide legal advice and guide you through a difficult time.

Will the litigation friend have to pay for this service or is it free of charge?

Our panel solicitors normally work on a no-win no-fee however with child cases they work by claiming their costs and fees from the third party insurers. 

How long will the claim take before any money is received or paid out?

Each and every case is different and unique with its own circumstances. So bearing this in mind you can appreciate that some cases may take a little longer to settler then others. An average time frame would be approximately between 2 months - 3 years.  

Does the litigation friend get the money or does it go into a trust fund for the injured child?

The litigation friend will be the holder of funds or if the judge decides the funds will be held in trust until the child is 18 years old.

What is the process to make a claim?

Step 1 - Contacting us via email or via telephone.
Step 2 - Will obtain all the relevant details and submit them onto our specialist panel of solicitors. 
Step 3 - The specialist solicitor will contact you with 48 hours and confirm the details provided. 
Step 4 - Solicitors will send out there introduction letter along with their documents which covers there terms and conditions, complaints process etc.
Step 5 - Once the solicitor has received the relevant forms from you, they will send a letter to the other party making a note of personal injury claim intention and to identify their insurers. 
Step 6 - The other party then has a number of weeks to provide this information (please note that not all parties correspond within the given time frame, or sometimes there is difficulty identifying the owner or insurer, hence the time delay when making a claim).
Step 7 - All going well, if they respond on time, the solicitors will then correspond directly with the insurer to purse your personal injury claim.
Step 8 - There would have to be medical evidence relating to your injury or ongoing condition if unfortunately you have not recovered. 
Step 9 - This may involve giving your solicitor permission to access your medical records or arranging for you to be seem by a medical professional.
Step 10 - If it is a straight forward accident, then the other party may accept liability for the circumstances in which your accident may have taken place and make you an offer to accept for your personal injury compensation claim.
Step 11 - Your solicitor will inform you if any offers are made, if any offer is made your solicitor will advise you if it is a responsible amount or they may suggest go in with an offer. 
Step 12 - Before any money is accepted your solicitor will advise you in writing and what is means from here.

Will l need to attend the solicitors office, a medical office or court?

Solicitors office - Visitors to your solicitor’s office normally are not required. Most solicitors find it very helpful to correspond with you the client via email or sometimes via sms. Medical visit - you may be required to visit a medical professional if for any reason a question is raised over current medical evidence which has already been provided. Court visit - Very rarely to cases go to court, this involves a lot of resources i.e.: time, cost etc. Most solicitors will try and avoid going to court as this can be extremely stressful for the child involved and litigation friend. 

I hear in the news about the compensation culture. Should I claim?

Yes. Whilst we can understand some people’s reluctance to make a fuss, as parents you have a duty to ensure the safety and well-being of your child. In the first instance, if an accident has occurred in a school or playground due to something particular being unsafe, it is vital that this is brought to the attention of the relevant person responsible so that future accidents can be avoided. Furthermore, you are not always aware of the long term effects an accident will have on your child. By going through the claim process, your child will be medically examined and any problems will be identified at an early stage.

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