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Child injury compensation claims for accidents in the workplace

A person who is under 18 years old and working has the same right to injury compensation as an adult when an accident has occurred in the workplace or they develop an industrial disease. However, someone under 18 years of age is deemed a child in British Law and therefore a parent, guardian or appropriate Litigation Friend would need to make the claim on behalf of the young person.

If, as a person less than 18 years old you have an accident in the workplace that you consider was not your fault, and you sustain an injury because of it, a personal injury claim may be an appropriate form of action.

Naturally, as applies to all personal injury claims, proof of your injury or illness will be required and specifically you will have to prove that it was the negligence of your employer or other party that caused it. The Children's Accident Helpline personal injury solicitors will help you to prepare the necessary evidence to be sent to the third party's insurance providers.

How long do Child Accidents in the Workplace Compensation Claims take?

You need to be aware that personal injury compensation claims are diverse and vary considerably. You could be in for the long haul with a claim taking several years to conclude, or you may be lucky and your claim could sail through in just a few months if, as frequently happens, your claim is settled out of Court. Our experienced and qualified child personal injury solicitors deal with injuries and accidents in the workplace every day and will work on your behalf to obtain the maximum amount of compensation for you in the shortest possible time.

Child Accident in the Workplace claims we have handled include:

• Burns
• Lacerations
• Soft tissue damage
• Brain damage
• Injuries to the spine
• Fatalities

Responsibilities of employers in the workplace

It is the responsibility of your employer to protect you from accident or injury in the workplace. The business owner also has to afford the same protection to visitors to the building and any contractors working on site. Employer responsibility includes: -

• Providing the correct tools and/or machinery to enable employees to do their work, and ensuring that such equipment is maintained and safe to use

• Ensuring the workplace is maintained in a secure and orderly condition

• Providing appropriate workstations and seating for employees

• Keeping floors clean and free from hazards

• Making sure that gates and/or doors are not be obstructed

• Providing necessary training so that employees know how to safely lift heavy objects if applicable

• Providing employees with appropriate clothing so that they can safely undertake their work such as high visibility jackets, ear muffs, safety gloves, hard hats, safety boots and dust masts

The Work at Height Regulations protect employees who work on high buildings (steeplejacks) or any other job that involves working at height.

If another member of staff was negligent in their duties and such negligence caused you to sustain an accident or injury, you will be able to pursue a claim for personal injury in these circumstances.

Child Accident at Work Compensation Claim Advice

It's important to contact the Children's Accident Helpline as quickly as possible after you have sustained an injury or accident in the workplace, or find that you have an illness or disease that you may have contracted from your working environment. We can provide you with free advice on whether or not you have a valid claim and progress the claim for you on a no win – no fee basis*. Call us on 0800 433 7690 or complete our simple online form.

* Other costs could be payable.

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