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For which types of accident can I claim child injury compensation?

There is an almost limitless list of the types of accident children can be involved in as most parents are aware. However there are many circumstances, particularly when children are in the care of someone else, where accidents can and should be prevented. For example, if you entrust the care of your child to a child minder, teacher or other suitably qualified or professional adult they are legally obliged to demonstrate a duty of care by ensuring your child's safety. If they fail in this duty it can be argued that they have been negligent and a claim for child injury compensation pursued.

Most common children's accident compensation claims

Children's Accident Helpline has helped hundreds of children and parents obtain compensation for injuries they have sustained as a result of an accident. The most common types of children's accidents and injuries, in which compensation can be claimed, include the following:

  • Accidents at school, playgroups or at crèches
  • Faulty equipment in a playground or leisure centre
  • Children injured as a passenger in a road traffic accident
  • Faulty children's car seats
  • School trip accidents
  • Slips, trips or a fall on a defective pavement in the street or Local Park
  • Burns, breaks and fractures
  • Bicycle accidents
  • Attacks by dogs
  • Funfair accidents
  • Child abuse

The accidents above are just a selection of the most common which result in child injury compensation claims but if your child has been involved in a different type of accident don't worry because you may still be able to make a claim on his or her behalf.

The difference between winning and losing a children's accident compensation claim

Children's Accident Helpline has a dedicated team of specialist, highly qualified child injury compensation solicitors with a reputation for obtaining the maximum amount possible. It is their expertise and reputation that makes the difference between winning a losing a claim. Call us today on 0800 433 7690 to discuss the specific type of accident your child has suffered, and we will happily provide you with free advice as to whether you have a valid claim for child injury compensation or not. You can rely on us to handle your child's claim professionally and act in his or her best interests at all times.

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