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Road Traffic, Pedestrian and Cyclist Compensation

Has your child been injured in a road traffic accident whilst travelling in a vehicle, as a pedestrian or a cyclist? You may not know that children have the same rights as adults to claim Road Traffic, Pedestrian and Cyclist compensation. However, making a claim for a child who has not reached 18 years of age requires a slightly different procedure. At Children's Accident Helpline we deal with hundreds of child injury compensation claims every year.

Why is the procedure different for a child injury compensation claim?

Parents or guardians, are often reluctant about making claims on behalf of their children mainly because they don't know how to. With the assistance of an experienced, specialist solicitor any reservations you might have can be easily dispelled. The process is really quite simple when Children's Accident Helpline is on your side. You can make a compensation claim immediately after the accident has occurred or at any time prior to your child's 18th birthday.

If there has been a serious accident it isn't wise to delay making a child injury compensation claim since you may have to take time off work to care for your child or make arrangements for such care to be provided. This can cause some parents considerable hardship.

Road accident compensation claims for children

It's possible to make a road accident compensation claim even if the injury was sustained by your child while you were driving. Call the Children's Accident Helpline today on 0800 327 7919 to discuss the circumstances in which your child has been injured. Our expert child road accident solicitors will be more than happy to give you free advice.

Child Whiplash Injury Compensation Claims

As a passenger in a car, it's highly unlikely that a child will be at fault for any injuries sustained in a car accident. Whiplash can affect children in the same way as it does adults but despite a commonly held belief that their bodies are more flexible, whiplash injuries often occur due to the fact that a child's spine is weak and will not be fully developed until he or she reaches their mid-twenties. There are fewer whiplash injury compensation claims in comparison to others mainly because children don't appreciate the cause of their symptoms. It's important to have your child examined after a road traffic accident even if there are no obvious physical signs of injury. If children suffer whiplash and it is left untreated it can cause problems in later life.

Irrespective of who is responsible for your child being injured, whether due to a "hit and run" driver, an uninsured driver or even if you were driving it's vital that the accident is reported to the police as quickly as possible.

Child Cycling Accident Compensation Claims

It is expected and required that adult road users are familiar with the Highway Code but this is not the case with inexperienced cyclists who are children. Naturally, it is an excellent idea for you to provide your child with safety information and guidance but bike accidents can be caused by a number of factors including:

• Failure to observe a child cyclist by other road users, at all or in sufficient time for the accident to be prevented
• Faulty bicycles
• Pedestrians
• Inadequate safety equipment
• Not wearing a crash helmet
• Potholes in the roads

Since a bike does not have the protection that a car affords, child cycling accident injuries are often more severe regularly resulting in broken bones, head and neck injuries, damage to the spinal cord, traumatic brain injury and sometimes fatality.

Our expert child injury compensation solicitors are aware that making Child Road Traffic, Pedestrian and Cyclist Compensation claims will not be the first thing that enters your mind after your child has been involved in an accident, but from the moment you call the Children's Accident Helpline, you can guarantee that we will handle your child's claim from start to finish on a no win no fee* basis.

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