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Children's Injury Lawyers

Children Are Innocent Victims...
They suffer in silence; they learn to re-adjust and they cope with loss often facing long-term suffering. Parents of children who are victims of accidents generally do not take legal action against anyone. The most the majority seek is an explanation - sometimes they get answers; often they don't. Many victims are entitled to much more, particularly when their suffering has been caused through no fault of their own, in which case they may claim child accident compensation.

Consider the long term effects when making a child injury compensation claim

The Children's Accident Helpline was founded to give advice and assistance to parents when they need it most. We understand that the very last thing on our minds, when our children are injured, is getting involved in litigation to make a child injury compensation claim. However, we also appreciate that it is important to make such a claim as quickly as possible after an accident has occurred because we won't know initially what the long term effects of an accident will be.

Some of these long term affects could have a detrimental effect on your child in later life, which is why it is vital to ensure that these effects are considered by the relevant medical experts. As a parent, you can then be assured that your child can be compensated for any treatment that they may require in the future.

Naturally some parents will consider making a child accident compensation claim but most haven't a clue where to start, since often it is the first time their child has had an accident. Where to go for advice and the risks of taking action are just two of the main concerns parents have. Particularly with playground accidents at school, parents often consider them to be trivial without appreciating that their child could suffer long term effects as a result.

Committed Children's Injury Lawyers are on your side

Child accident compensation claims form part of a highly complex area of the law and for this reason it is essential to seek specialist advice. The Children's Accident Helpline specialises exclusively in Child Health Litigation and has built an enviable reputation.

This area of the law is extremely complex and it is vital that specialist advice from children's injury lawyers is sought. We are not all things to all people, unlike so many other claim websites but are committed solely to Child Health Litigation and Medical Law. We are certain that the expertise of our specialist children's accident solicitors, who are members of APIL & SRA, together with our accredited children's lawyers, enables us to achieve the best results for our clients.

If your child has sustained a personal injury or contracted an illness or disease through no fault of their own, the Children's Accident Helpline is on your side, and more especially that of your child. We aim to win the maximum child injury compensation possible on a "no win, no fee*" basis.

Why claim?

It is unlikely that a child will sustain more than one serious accident in his or her lifetime; therefore being with a law firm who can maximise the potential of their case can considerably enhance their future care. In some cases, it can mean the difference of many thousands of pounds.

In addition your child accident claim could resolve a problem for many other children who could be injured in the same way, due to the negligence or disregard for health and safety regulations that caused the accident your child suffered.

Do you think that someone else was wholly or partially to blame for your child's suffering?
Was it their responsibility to ensure your child's safety?
If you can answer YES to the above questions you may be entitled to compensation.

Winning a compensation claim is not easy

Despite mass media coverage to the contrary, winning a compensation claim is not easy and the majority of cases take more than just a few months to settle. Often legal cases, especially those of the utmost severity or those involving ongoing medical problems, can take well over a year to be resolved. This can be quite daunting for individuals and their families.

It is therefore vital that you have a professional, specialist children's injury lawyer who understands the intricacies of the various aspects of law related to representing your child in a medical negligence or child injury compensation claim. A qualified, experienced solicitor will know how to avoid the pitfalls making the compensation claim process as stress free as possible. You'll also need someone who understands your child's needs and can explain fully to you (the parent/guardian) what is going on , what you have to do and what you can expect.

Discuss your child injury compensation claim today

When you initially contact The Children's Accident Helpline, either by telephone or e-mail, you will speak to a member of our First Response Team who deals with new enquiries. You will be asked questions and have the opportunity to discuss the facts of your potential child injury compensation claim. Depending on the type of claim you wish to progress, you will then be contacted by the appropriate Children's Accidents Solicitors Department.
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*Other costs could be payable.